Q.1) How big are the bags?

Traveling Vanessa: 34 x 12 x 30 (W / D / H)
Sightseeing Anna: 35 x 10 x 27 (W / D / H)
On the road Raffaela: 29 x 8 x 33 (W / D / H)

Q.2) How do I modify my bag?

This varies depending on the model:
Traveling Vanessa: here, the leather cover on the front pocket bag can be completely zipped off and replaced with the desired one.
Sightseeing Anna: the loop in the flap can be exchanged and is fastened inside with velcro.
On the road Raffaela: here, the front pocket is firmly fixed to the bag and only the leather cover is modifiable, attached by velcro to the small bag

Q.3) Will the bag be delivered with a charger?

No, because everyone has their own device that they prefer to use.

Q.4) Are there different straps on every bag?

Yes, the bags always have a fixed handle and it is possible to attach a long strap or statement straps.

Q.5) How can I create my own design for the replacement cover?

For the Traveling Vanessa we can print the desired picture on the leather cover of the bag. Just send us the picture and you will receive your personalized bag!

Q.6) How can I modify the slippers?

The different leather straps are attached to the existing leather strap by means of velcro.